August is my favourite month. The sun is still warm, the gardens provide a bounty of food and beauty and the bugs have subsided! This summer has been a bit of a dream for me in a positive way. I have spent the past 12 years working part-time on a local flower farm called Sylvia’s 4th line florals. When I returned to the Perth library part time in 2017 I juggled the both jobs, parenting my two children as well as trying to maintain a large garden and home. This left me exhausted and grumpy. Well jump ahead to summer 2020 and Covid has made it clear that I needed to work less. I am now only working at the library and caring for my family and garden. It has been so wonderful to slow down. I have revamped my veggie garden and it is bigger and better than ever before. I have also had the time to focus on swimming, reading and hosting friends and family. These are all things that I never had the time for when I was working so much. While I may have a smaller income for now, my life is richer in many ways.

I am working toward a goal of a 3 kilometre swim in about 2 weeks. I did a 2 km open water lake swim last Saturday and it was AWESOME. As summer tips towards its end I want to eat a ton of ice cream, swim as much as possible and enjoy the gorgeous night sky.


Garden Shot                                                       Favourite Swimming Spot