Shhhhh! Don’t tell anyone else but I actually LOVE being at home! An introvert at heart, I feel most comfortable when I’m home and the enforced isolation is providing me with a bit more time to explore a few things I’ve been meaning to get to. With a little advice from my coworker Laurie, I’ve started some tomato seeds and worked the soil in my long-neglected veggie garden (fingers crossed!). I follow Half Baked Harvest on social media and I’m a real sucker for her recipes which are always DELICIOUS. Witness these adorable and mouth-watering cinnamon knots….they were to die for! I turned to youtube and my coworker Kendra for a bit of help with learning to crochet and advice on a pattern. Voila! Well, that’s a few inches of what is to be a 60″ blanket so, we’ll see. Lastly, on a leisurely Sunday afternoon, I made homemade naan bread to go with dinner. No, it wasn’t a quick recipe but, yes, it was soooo worth it. Give it a try one day and you’ll see.
When you have the chance, stop by the library and check out one of the Half Baked Harvest cookbooks or borrow our Learn to Crochet kit. It feels good to try something new – especially if you’re avoiding organizing your linen closet or some other equally mundane task!
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