Gardening. Yes surprise surprise, gardening. I’ve always had a garden to poke around in with my morning coffee. This time of year, I keep a kettle outside & prepare a tray with the bodum, cream and a cup so I can dash outside quickly and make my coffee in the gazebo. Early morning is quiet & usually the bugs are minimal. It’s amazing how much I can get done during this time but really, it’s like a mental restart button. Other things are happening. I’m listening to the birds, reflecting on life, hanging with my pooch and watching how much the plants have changed in just one day.
It’s been a cool spring so the daffodils have had a nice long season but things are going to change rapidly. Everything is about to burst! Today I will plant beans, zucchini and more beets. It’s a bit early but hey, I can always cover them if it frosts again.
Today I’m going to pick our first meal of lettuce. Very exciting! Spinach isn’t far behind. Pretty soon they’ll be veggies everywhere!
The past couple years we’ve been battling the raccoons. Our old dog was blind and those darn raccoons knew it was their opportunity to just help themselves. They even ate 10 melons in one night! For now we’ve given up on the corn but we have a pup so they better watch out! Also, I’m trying to out smart them by planting the melons in the greenhouse on the back stone wall. I’ve hung mesh with the intention of growing them across the ceiling. See photo.
I’ve enjoyed this time with all my family at home. We make big dinners & they have been helping out with all the jobs. We’re just like the Walton’s! I sure hope they’re all around when the veggies come on because it’s going to be fantastic!