Well what do you know, it’s May! I am surprised to find that Spring has certainly arrived. While I love the rain and the snow and the weather, it always seems like a miracle when the sun starts to share its warmth again. It is such a relief to take my knitting outside and watch the yarn droop loopily back and forth in the breeze while I pretend to be accomplishing something. I can hardly get enough of being back under the sky. The turning of the weather always marks for me a return to my knitting. With most of my projects finished up recently, I really felt the need to make something ridiculous, of epic proportions, with no hope of a classy, or streamlined, or purposeful knitting-outcome. That’s right folks; it’s jumper time, and I don’t mean the British version of the word! I once heard this garment described as “a potato sack with leg holes,” and this is one hundred percent what I am aiming for. What could be more magnificent, more glorious, more miraculous, than such an absurdity? I am pattern-less and going off-road here so there’s no telling what will happen, but isn’t that the state of most things in life? We may as well have a laugh… Tally-Ho, knitters!