I have always loved paper. As a young girl my sister and I spent hours with colouring book pages, crayons and pencils. I loved playing with colours and challenged myself to experiment with them in new ways. As I grew older, I went off to college and then started working full time. I got away from crafts and art in general, I realize now that it was mostly due to my perfectionism trait. If I attempted to make something, I would quickly pick it apart!


About ten years ago a friend introduced me to scrapbooking and I thoroughly enjoyed that hobby for several years. With this new hobby I decided to work on my perfectionism. Slowly I came to accept and sometimes even embrace my mistakes. I changed my focus instead on the pleasure I have choosing the various paper and the pride I feel when giving someone a hand made gift. That trend fell to the wayside and since then I rarely took the time to be creative.


Enter the COVID 19, all of a sudden the world has come to a squealing stop. I have always loved spending time at home but I quickly realized that I can’t sit still for very long. Fortunately I had a long list of projects that I’d been meaning to get to one day. The challenge was I couldn’t run out and get supplies, so I had to be resourceful and use things I had on hand!
One project was to wallpaper behind my bed. I had been putting that off (probably for a year or more) because wallpapering is challenging! I said to myself “I have the time and I like to save money” so rather paying someone to do it I would do it myself! The wallpaper is soft and adds some subtle colour to the room. So glad I tackled that myself.
Here are some quick and easy projects you can try:
While reorganizing my kitchen, I wanted to transfer some dry goods from packages into clear containers. I felt the urge to run out and buy “new” containers but I am trying to avoid buying more plastic. So Instead I thought I’d use the empty jars and containers that were hiding at the back of the cupboards instead! I added some washi tape labels and voila!
While cleaning and reorganizing my kitchen, I noticed some of my drawers were getting scuffed and stained, so I decided to use some leftover wallpaper to line some drawers with!
I had empty tea tins so I decided to make them pretty with some beautiful japanese paper that I stashed away for “the right project”.
I decided to designate an area in my kitchen for office/art supplies. I took a page from an old calendar to recover an old stationary box, (I also use old calendars to make cards and gift tags).
What I have learnt during this time? You’re never too old to do crafts! Do things that bring you joy, it doesn’t have to be big or cost a fortune! Find inspiration around you and repurpose if you can!
Guess who’s making a card for Mother’s day?  Until next time, Jenn
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