I love swimming. I mean I REALLY LOVE swimming. So much so that last year I joined the Perth Stingrays Masters program. I was very intimidated to start and was so nervous my first practice, I almost didn’t go. Well thank goodness I did. Swimming provides me with a much needed physical and mental release. The quiet of being underwater with just the sound of my breath is a meditation of sorts. I am always counting strokes and lengths which makes the time fly by.

 The pool has been closed since March 15th. That was my last Masters practice. It has been hard to find a replacement until now. I am really privileged to have access to Christie Lake and Burridge Lake. I had my first swim in Burridge Lake on May 24 and was in Christie lake this past weekend. This summer I hope to be in the water as much as possible and getting some longer distance swims under my belt. Take care out there!