After a long cold winter, I very much look forward to the warmer seasons. Spring is my favourite of the seasons, I appreciate and need the time to transition from being mostly indoors to the long lazy days of summer. I often think how as Canadians we are subjected to such extreme changes in weather, I like to think it makes us more adaptable!
As I have been spending time in the garden, I marvel to see the perennials in my garden and around town come back year after year. How can such delicate plants withstand the harsh winter weather under a heavy blanket of snow? The variety of colours, textures and aromas are so stimulating. I am so excited to see the ever-changing nature all around me. This year I saw a hummingbird moth in my garden! It looks like this;
With summer now here, our days are long and the hot weather is here. I love how time seems to stand still. I’m less cognizant of my watch/ clocks and enjoy just doing things outdoors and sometimes enjoying taking a summer breeze. I have also been slowly seeing friends at a safe distance… the warm weather makes it easier to do so outdoors.
Something I’m enjoying lately is trying different iced herbal teas. I bought some David’s tea bags, the latest is called “Mother’s little helper”. I added a couple of tea bags to a pitcher poured hot water (1/4 of pitcher) and let steep for an hour or so. Once cool I top it up with tap water than put in the fridge to chill. You can add sweetener or enjoy it unsweetened.
I also picked up my first basket of strawberries. I decided to buy a big 4 litre basket. Instead of panicking to eat them right away. I washed and hulled them, put them in my food processor. I added a tbsp of sugar and a couple drizzles of balsamic vinegar. Pulsed them a few times. I store it in a large jar. It keeps them fresh longer! I think i will do this from now on!  I can’t wait to see what else this summer brings.