The Perth & District Union Public Library provides a variety of material, from books to laptops, for your use and enjoyment.

Each of these materials has their own rule on how many you are allowed to borrow at one time, the period of time for which they can be borrowed, and the fee that accrues if they are returned past their due date.

Loan Period Rules & Fees

Kind of Library Item Limit  Loan Period Renewals  Overdue fee
      per day / maximum
Adult books and audiobooks no limit 3 weeks 3 $.25 / $7.00
Children/Teen books and audiobooks no limit 3 weeks 3 none
Book Club Sets no limit 6 weeks 0 $1.00 / $25.00
Adult DVDs no limit 1 week / 3 weeks for TV series 3 $.25 / $7.00
Children/Teen DVDs no limit 1 week / 3 weeks for TV series 3 none
Electronic devices (e.g. laptops, mobile hotspots) 1 per card 1 week 3 $1.00 / $25.00
E-readers 1 per card 3 weeks 3 $1.00 / $25.00
Magazines no limit 1 week 3 $.25 / $7.00
Museum passes 1 per card 1 week 0 $1.00 / $25.00
Music CDs no limit 3 weeks 3 $.25 / $7.00
Kits (e.g. literacy kit, knitting kit) no limit 3 weeks 3 $.25 / $7.00
Video games no limit 1 week 3 $.25 / $7.00
non-catalogued items (e.g. paperback books or puzzles) no limit indefinitely n/a none


If a library item is not returned, we will contact you to ask you to bring it back to the library so it can continue to be used by everyone in our community. Items more than 30 days overdue will be declared lost and the library will charge a replacement cost.

Checking the status of your items out

You can check the status of your items at anytime using the online catalogue.
Log into your account using your library card number and your PIN (last name, first letter capitalized)
Click on My Account > My Borrowing > Items Out.
You will then see the due dates of your items.
If something is coming due, click the Renew button.
You can also call the library at 613-267-1224 during our open hours and ask a library staff member to check your due dates and renew the items.


Our Courtesy Reminder service notifies users by email or text that your items are due back in three days. Please contact the library at 613-267-1224 to take advantage of this useful service. A reminder that this is a courtesy service – returning your items on time is your responsibility.

Paying for late fees

You can pay for your late fees on the main floor of the library. You can pay by cash or check.