Patron Code of Conduct

Policy Number: G-11
Policy Title: Patron Code of Conduct
Category: Operational Policies: Public services
Adopted: September 2011
Last Review: June 2022

Perth & District Union Public Library is a public space open to all. The public uses the space in many ways, including obtaining access to reading and viewing material, access to the internet and information sources, attendance at programs, meetings, and other uses. While on the library premises, patrons are expected to abide by certain guidelines so that the library is able to provide safe and welcoming service.

In case of emergency, all individuals must follow instructions of staff.

All persons entering the library must be properly dressed, wearing shirts and footwear. The use of rollerskates, inline skates, and skateboards is prohibited on premises.

Smoking (including electronic cigarettes or vaporizers) and open flames are not allowed in the building or within 9 meters of any entrance to the library building. Use of illicit drugs or unauthorized use of alcohol is not permitted.

Users of the library are expected to respect the right of others to use the library peacefully. Users must not harass others in the library or members of the library staff. See 2.D-8: Workplace Violence and Harassment.

Noise at a regular conversational level is acceptable, but library patrons should not shout or speak loudly, whether in person or via cell phone or online. Foul language is prohibited. The library reserves the right to ask a library user to move to the lobby or outdoors to conduct a conversation that has become too loud or disruptive.

Those using the library are discouraged from using scented products, as others in the building may have chemical sensitivities to scents. See 2.G-15: Scent-sensitive space.

Members of the public are not allowed behind the library service desk or in staff areas without permission. Users should be mindful of the privacy of others and should not disrupt other users who are browsing for books or using the public computers.

Deliberate damage, misuse, or theft of library equipment, material, or property is not permitted.

Cold food and covered beverages are allowed in the library, except at library computers. Hot food and uncovered beverages are prohibited.

Except when explicitly approved by the CEO, the library premises, indoor or out, may not be used for soliciting donations or signatures on petitions or for the sale of tickets or any other items.

No one may post a flier or bulletin on the library’s community information board without approval of the CEO or delegate. The library does not post fliers for for-profit events or for businesses or for events that are not open to the general public. The library reserves the right to remove or refuse to post any flier. See 2.E-4: Community Information.

Animals are not allowed in the library except when they are authorized service animals required by individuals with disabilities. Other animals may be allowed in with permission of the CEO or delegate if they are participating in a training program or library program.

Photographing, filming, audiorecording or videorecording at the library is acceptable with the permission of the subjects.

Parents or caregivers are responsible for the behaviour of the children in the library in their care. Children 10 years of age and under must not be left unattended. See 2.G-10: Children’s Use of the Library. Children are expected to abide by all guidelines set for adult users of the premises.

Those who violate this Code of Conduct may have their library privileges and access to the building suspended. The library reserves the right to ban users from its premises. See 2.G-12: Banning Patrons from Premises.