Community Space

Policy Number: E-02
Policy Title: Community Space
Category: Operational Policies: Facilities
Adopted: October 2002
Last Review: June 2019

Perth & District Union Public Library provides space suitable for meetings and events held by groups other than the Library. Provision of this space furthers the library’s mission to support the educational and leisure activities of the community.

The library has first priority for use of its two meeting/programming spaces. When not otherwise in use, the library opens these spaces for use by outside groups:

1) Marguerite Frizell Room on the second floor of the library, with space for large or small groups
2) Common Room on the first floor of the library, with space for small groups

Access to both spaces is available only during hours when the library is open to the public.

The Frizell Room may be rented for a minimum fee of $40 for up to three hours of access, plus $10 for each additional hour or portion thereof. A maximum of 80 people may be in the room at one time, depending on setup.

The Common Room is a quiet study and research area open to the public. It may be rented for a fee of $20 for a block of up to two hours. A maximum of 20 people may be in the room at one time.

The library provides tables and chairs for use in both rooms but cannot guarantee the room will be set up in advance. Renters may request to use the library’s projector for presentations. Electrical outlets and wireless internet are available.

Renters must reserve and pay for use of the room in advance. Applications are considered on a first-come, first-served basis. Rental fees may be refunded if the reservation is cancelled at least 72 hours in advance.

The library reserves the right to refuse a rental or reservation request and to cancel any reservation. In the case of a cancellation of a reservation by the library, any fees paid will be refunded. In particular, the library will refuse any rental or reservation request that would contravene the Criminal Code of Canada, R.S.C., 1985, c. C-46 (including hate propaganda laws) or the Ontario Human Rights Code, RSO 1990, C. H.19.

The library is committed to intellectual freedom and freedom of access for all members of our community. Provision of the space does not constitute an endorsement of the positions, views, programs or policies of those using library meeting rooms.

Renters must leave the room in the same condition as it was found (garbage removed, chairs returned to their original positions and straightened, etc.) No renter may store any materials in the room between bookings. Exit doors must be kept free from obstruction. Smoking and the consumption of drugs or alcoholic beverages in the library are prohibited. Any request for special events with alcohol consumption must be approved by the CEO.

The library is not responsible for personal injury or damage or for the theft or loss of clothing or equipment of anyone using the library’s meeting space. The renter is responsible for the conduct and supervision of all persons admitted to the room and must see that all regulations are strictly adhered to. The renter is responsible for the payment of all costs incurred as a result of damage to any library property.

Renters of the Marguerite Frizell or Common Room may be required to produce proof of general liability insurance in the amount of $2,000,000 per occurrence, including full participant coverage and naming Perth & District Union Public Library and the Town of Perth as additional insured. This coverage is for the protection of the facility renter, Perth & District Union Public Library, the Town of Perth, and all those participating in the use of the facility during the rental.

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