Policy Number: G-06
Policy Title: Programming
Category: Operational Policies: Public Services
Adopted: October 2002
Last Review: October 2020


As part of its overall mission, Perth & District Union Public Library recognizes that programming for all ages is an important component of its services.


A library program is defined as any group or one-on-one activity offered to the public that is coordinated, planned, or presented by library staff.

The library will:

  • make available a wide spectrum of opinions and viewpoints
  • select programs based on the interests and needs of the community
  • endeavour to make programs available free of charge when possible
  • make programs open to all, subject to the need to limit program attendance or the age of participants based on safe use of space or depending on the nature of the program
  • offer programs for all age groups, including children, teens, adults, and seniors

Programs promoting literacy of any sort will be a priority, but the library will not limit its programming to any particular topic or style. Programs will primarily be offered in the library and, where possible, online or at external locations to improve community access and exposure of the library’s work.

Library sponsorship of a program does not constitute an endorsement of the content of the program or the views expressed by presenters or participants.

Programs and their planning will be evaluated regularly by library staff, participants, and community partners.

The library will cooperate with individuals and outside groups to expand the scope of programming it can offer in accordance with its policy on resource sharing (2.G-13). The library is open to external program proposals but library sponsorship is ultimately at the discretion of the CEO. Those presenting programs generally may not offer items for sale, with the exception of authors.

The library may engage volunteers to assist in programming, in accordance with the volunteer policy (2.H-1) and the collective agreement.