Services for teens

Policy Number: 2.G-18
Policy Title: Services for teens
Category: Operational Policies: Public Services
Adopted: June 2018
Last Review: June 2022

Perth & District Union Public Library endeavours to serve all populations with respect. The library recognizes that the needs of young people are important in their own right: that their intellectual growth, their cultural appreciation and recreational activities should be fostered through high quality library service, delivered with consideration and respect. This policy sets out the services to be offered for teens in the library (ages 12-18). These guidelines are designed to balance the needs of other users with the rights of teens. The library subscribes to the principles stated in the Ontario Library Association’s Teen’s Rights in the Public Library, 2010 (Appendix F).


1 Services for Teens

The library will maintain a teen collection based on the library’s collection policy and plan. This includes fiction, graphic novels, a selection of audiobooks based on patron requests, and a non-fiction collection, primarily focused on issues related to health and other subjects of specific interest to teens. 

Library staff will provide reference services to all patrons, regardless of age and without judgment, with confidentiality and respect. 

The library will provide programming for teens that focuses on supporting literacy or creative pursuits by youth as individuals and groups, and will actively involve teens in planning and implementing programs for this age group. The library will also network with other agencies that provide service to teens in the community and collaborate with those agencies as appropriate. 

2 Library Space for Teens

The library will provide a well-planned area for teens that is distinct from the adult area. This area will have furniture, shelves, computers and equipment that are designed for teens.
In order to maintain a safe space for teens in the library, adults are requested to refrain from use of the teen space unless they are with a teenager. 

Behaviour that does not respect the Patron Code of Conduct may result in staff asking the teen to leave for the day. Egregious, violent, or harassing behaviour may result in banning from the library. See also 2.G-11: Patron Code of Conduct and 2.G-12: Banning Patrons from Premises.

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