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The library now has a number of book club sets with 8-10 copies per set just for our book clubs. Sets can be reserved via our new Kitkeeper system by clicking this link. We encourage you to try out our new system and manage your book club requests directly. These sets are lent as a kit, so one member of your book club can reserve a kit, pick up the entire kit from the library, distribute it to the members of your book club during your meeting, and pick them all up at the following meeting before returning the set to the library. You can also pick up tracking sheets to help you keep track of who borrowed which copy.

What is a Book Club in a Bag?

A Book Club in a Bag is a kit of multiple copies (8 to 10) of one title for use by book clubs and book discussion groups.

Who Can Borrow a Book Club in a Bag?

Book Club in a Bag can be borrowed by any book club. Members of the club with a valid Perth Union Library card can check out a kit for distribution to club members. The person who reserves the kit must pick up the kit from the library, and it is signed out to you for six weeks. The person who borrows the kit is responsible for returning the complete kit. We recommend distributing and picking up kit books to return to the library at your regular book club meetings!

Can Book Club Kits be Reserved in Advance?

Yes, by using our Kitkeeper system.

Where can Book Club Kits be picked up?

Kits can be picked up at the Perth Union Library at 30 Herriott St, Perth ON.

Where can Book Club kits be returned?

Kits should be returned to the library after the meeting.

Who is responsible for returning Book Club kits?

The person who borrows the kit for a Book Club is responsible for returning the complete kit.

How long can book clubs keep a Book Club in a Bag?

Book Club kits can be borrowed for six weeks.

Can Book Club Kits be renewed? Are there fines?

No. Book Club kits cannot be renewed. Overdue fines for Book Club kits are $1 per day. It is important to return all books in a Book Club kit on time as other book clubs may have reserved the kit.

Suggestion for Purchase

The library welcomes suggestions for items to purchase for our collection. Please make sure to check the catalogue before submitting a suggestion for purchase.

The decision to purchase a recommended item will be made in accordance with the library Collections Policy and Plan and is at the discretion of the librarian. Please fill out as much of the form as possible.

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my first and last name (separated by a space)
If the item is purchased and you would like to be notified when it arrives, please include your library card number:
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