Film Club Fridays (FCF) at Studio Theatre Perth

 Perth’s TIFF Film Circuit Theatre

Studio Theatre Perth is pleased to announce that we are now an official location for the TIFF Film Circuit.

As most of you know, this group has “migrated” from the original Perth (and Smiths Falls) group organized by Faye Cunningham as a fundraiser for the Perth Union Library. Faye started the Film Night International groups in 2003 and has successfully run the “shows” for all that time.

We are continuing the tradition of fundraising for the Perth Union Library and will continue TIFF films at both 2 pm and 7 pm on selected Fridays.

We have chosen Fridays as our show dates as the theatre is normally booked for live performance rehearsals during the week.

Films will be $12 each and we will soon establish whether our audiences are interested in the purchase of seasons passes.  Once available passes will be $50 for 5 films of your choice. A pass can be used by more than one person and on any date of a FCF screening.

The plan is to have a monthly film starting in October and running until May.

Kat Watring-Ellis from Studio Theatre Perth is the coordinator of Friday Club Fridays. You can contact her by email at Information can also be found on our Facebook page Film Club Fridays.

You can also join our mailing list via the above email or through a link from our Facebook page. There will also be film titles and dates at

Our film selections committee is represented by three of the original members

  • Faye Cunningham
  • Mary-Elizabeth James
  • James Higginson

We look forward to seeing you at the Studio Theatre