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The library is now open for browsing! Details.

A Taste of Normality

As this monthslong, twisted summer winds to a close I’m getting ready for online schooling, or at least trying to. The information changes weekly and I don’t even know for sure what day I’m starting school or what my courses will be. I still can’t quite believe that I...

Online Schooling…Take Two

I’m now officially finished grade 11, which is weird because it still feels somewhat like March. But I’ve also now “started” grade twelve, taking an online course for the month of July. It’s Challenge and Change in Society (in French) and so far it’s been very...

Bracelets & Podcasts

During the first two weeks off of school, I didn’t really have a schedule. I slept in, had breakfast (which was really lunch), and switched between tasks, not really interested in anything. Eventually I realized I’d need to do something different in order to feel more...
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