UPDATE: The library sold out of mugs on April 1, the first day that they were available. More will be available on May 2. 

Starting April 1, the Perth & District Library will be selling beautiful handmade mugs that feature a book and eyeglass decoration. Handmade by local potter Anne Chambers, the mug will be available in five different colours and sold as a fundraiser for the Library.

Anne Chambers is a studio potter and ceramics instructor creating wheel thrown and altered functional porcelain. Anne has been actively involved in the craft community volunteering for both The Ottawa Guild of Potters and FUSION: the Ontario Clay and Glass Association serving as President on both boards.

“I have always had a library card since I was a child and have felt the library is one of the main anchors of a community from children right up to seniors. We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful library here in Perth. I would like to show my appreciation and give back to the Perth library and community, ” said Anne Chambers.

“We are very appreciative of Anne’s generosity and support of the Library,” said Erika Heesen, CEO/Chief Librarian. “These mugs are gorgeous and would make an excellent gift for any book lover”.

Each gift-wrapped mug is $40, and 100% of the proceeds will go to the Library.