The Perth and District Union Public Library is pleased to announce newly expanded hours, starting Tuesday August 3. The new hours are Monday 10am-5pm, Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 10am-7pm, Friday 10am-5pm and Saturday 10am-4pm. 

“Now that we have moved into Step 3 of Ontario’s Re-opening plan, we’re happy to be expanding our hours to meet our community’s needs and continue to serve as a community hub”, said Erika Heesen, CEO/Chief Librarian. 

In Step 3, the library is open to the public for browsing, with in-person programs and meeting rooms also available. One such program is the library’s annual Summer Literacy Program, which has 92 children from 7 local schools enrolled. Referred by their teachers, these children receive one on one tutoring from paid tutors who have received specialized training in literacy strategies. Another program open to everyone of all ages is the library’s Summer Reading Club. For each book you read, you get a ballot to enter to win prizes. For the kids, two lucky winners will ride away with a brand new bicycle generously donated by Canadian Tire in Perth. For teens and adults, they can win a gift certificate to a local business. 

“It has been wonderful to see the energy of the children participating in the literacy program and the reading club”, said Heidi Taber, Children’s Library Specialist. “Everyone is so happy to attend in person. As of mid-July, we have 174 people signed up for the club and 419 kids’ ballots entered!”. 

Registration and ballots for the Summer Reading Club and in-person programs are available on the Home Page. Contact for inquiries about the TD Summer Reading Club and the Summer Literacy Program.