The Perth & District Union Public Library is happy to welcome a new Library Board! The library board is a governing board that gets its authority from the Public Libraries Act. Over the next four years, the 6 new members and the 3 returning members will participate in making many decisions that will shape public library service. These board members share a keen interest in the community and the role the library plays within it. The library serves three separate and unique municipalities and membership of the library board consists of three representatives from each of the Town of Perth, the Township of Drummond/North Elmsley, and Tay Valley Township. 

Please join the library staff in welcoming the new Library Board!

Board members pictured, from left to right, are: Patricia Mertins (Town of Perth), Ted Parkinson (DNE), Tara Langford (TVT – Library Board Chair), Deborah Hamilton-Foley (Town of Perth), Andrew Kendrick (TVT – Councillor), Gary Waterfield (Town of Perth – Councillor), Paul Coutts (DNE – Councillor) and Secretary/Treasurer Lynn Marsh. Missing from the photo are Dawn Palmer (TVT) and Lillian Logan (DNE).